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Canadian Historical Review Advance Online

Canadian Historical Review Advance Online

University of Toronto Press Journals Advance Online... 

Early access to the latest research

Articles published online ahead of print issue publication have become a staple in many fields where new research is being published at a fast rate.
To meet the challenges of the current academic publishing world, articles accepted for publication can now be copy-edited, typeset, and posted online immediately through UTP Journals Advance Online. With this new initiative, advance versions of articles will be available online within weeks rather than months of final manuscript submission. We are excited to now offer this service to our contributors and readers of Canadian Historical Review.

New CHR Advance Online articles now available...


Insérer les femmes dans l'histoire : le parcours d'une vie

Micheline Dumont

Winding Trails: My Life in History

Alison Prentice

Human Rights Activists and the Question of Sex Discrimination in Postwar Ontario

Ruth A. Frager and Carmela Patrias

The Same as a Private Home? Social Clubs, Public Drinking, and Liquor Control in Ontario, 1934–1944

Dan Malleck

Do You Have the Time? Modernity, Democracy, and the Beginnings of Daylight Saving Time in Montreal, 1907–1928

Jarrett Rudy