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Trashumante: Revista Americana de Historia Social

Trashumante: Revista Americana de Historia Social is a peer-reviewed biannual scientific publication, jointly edited by Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana UAM- Cuajimalpa, Mexico, and Universidad de Antioquia at Medellín, Colombia. The editors invite the academic and scientific community to submit articles, book reviews and essays to be considered for publication in the first issue.

Trashumante: Revista Americana de Historia Social will circulate both electronically and in hardcopy, with the printed version being issued simultaneously in Mexico and Colombia. We accept contributions in Spanish, Portuguese and English, including monographic research articles, historiographical essays, theoretical and methodological think pieces, book reviews and essays on the production of social history—broadly understood.

For the first issue, Trashumante seeks articles that undertake historiographical essays as well as research papers covering any topic on the social history of any region or period. We seek to discuss the different historiographical trends, methodological debates, and research possibilities/challenges that social history faces in the Americas.

Óscar Calvo (Editor)
Universidad de Antioquia
South America