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Short Videos & lessons - Black History Month

It’s Black History Month and so I thought I’d share some short yet impactful videos, information and lessons with you.  

Here’s a video of Lorenzo, speaking about racism in Canada (3 mins):
A perfect time to discuss hidden prejudices we may have. What happens when we admit our biases?
Then there’s an essay: Slavery’s Long Destructive Legacy ( where you can find this statement by Jean-Jacques Rousseau: 
“Africans were born free, yet everywhere they were enslaved.” This enslavement essentially ejected African slaves from the human community (an effective conversation starter)
A riveting account of The Underground Railroad by Michael Williams (former Much Music Vj) (4 mins): 
Inspire them with this video of Jean Augustine - Canadas first black female MP:
Finally, explore Nelson Mandela’s impact on apartheid and our comprehensive account of all that he did throughout this life to battle oppression through peaceful demonstrations. Then discuss whether peaceful strategies work.
If you like these videos and lessons then please register to use (for free, always): WWW.VOICESINTOACTION.CA
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Wishing you an inspired month!

Jodi Derkson


BC Regional Director of Educational Programs