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Ontario Genealogical Society Family History Lesson Plans Project

Sophia Salem

The Ontario Genealogical Society is happy to provide elementary and secondary school educators with educational resources for their classrooms through the Family History Lesson Plans Project. With the generous support provided from the Archives of Ontario, each lesson plan includes high quality primary resources for students to work with and learn from. 

These lesson plans aim to increase awareness and interest of genealogy and family history through student-driven learning. Lesson plans have been designed to include Historical Thinking Concepts, some inclusion of social media activities, and online curation tools to promote family history in a modern, inclusive, and interactive way. These lesson plans are cross-curricular in nature, and aim to increase knowledge and curiosity of social provincial history. Creating learning environments where students can explore the histories and importance of where they live, and how their personal histories contribute to our history making, will ultimately provide students with tools to be empathetic and active historians.

Each lesson plan includes a survey link for educators to complete after using the lesson plans provided. Through this feedback we hope to collect important data on how these lessons are used and suggestions to improve the lesson plans.

If you feel that these lesson plans may be of interest to your students, please circulate the attached poster and the project URL

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