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Journal of Education for Teaching, Volume 40, Issue 5, December 2014 is now available online

Journal of Education for Teaching, Volume 40, Issue 5, December 2014 is now available online.  It is a special issue looking at the past forty years of teacher education in New Zealand, Australia, the US, England, China, Japan, Thailand, Scotland, Canada, and Finland.

This new issue contains the following articles:

International teacher education: changing times, changing practices
Peter Gilroy
Pages: 445-446

Teacher education in New Zealand 1974–2014
Noeline Alcorn
Pages: 447-460

Forty years of teacher education in Australia: 1974–2014
Diane Mayer
Pages: 461-473

Recalling 40 years of teacher education in the USA: a personal essay
Robert V. Bullough Jr.
Pages: 474-491

Primary teacher education in England: 40 years on
Jean Murray & Rowena Passy
Pages: 492-506

Teacher education changes in China: 1974–2014
Jun Zhou
Pages: 507-523

Toward professionalisation or de-professionalisation? Teacher education over the past 40 years: a Japanese retrospection
Shin’ichi Suzuki
Pages: 524-542

Changes in teacher education in Thailand 1978–2014
Sumlee Thongthew
Pages: 543-550

The struggle for the soul of teaching and teacher education in the USA
Ken Zeichner
Pages: 551-568

Retaining public and political trust: teacher education in Scotland
Donald Gray & Douglas Weir
Pages: 569-587

A narrative of teacher education in Canada: multiculturalism, technology, bridging theory and practice
Edward R. Howe
Pages: 588-599

The last 40 years in Finnish teacher education
Kirsi Tirri
Pages: 600-609

South African teacher voices: recurring resistances and reconstructions for teacher education and development
Michael Samuel
Pages: 610-621

Policy interventions in teacher education: sharing the English experience
Peter Gilroy
Pages: 622-632

Book reviews
Education – an anatomy of the discipline: rescuing the university project?
Ewald Terhart
Pages: 633-638