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1812: Who Won the War? free download until Sep 30

Epoch Multimedia Inc.

Hello Teachers and Educators,

Welcome back to a brand new school year!  As you prepare your social studies course materials, we at Epoch Multimedia want to introduce you and your students to our recently-produced classroom resource, 1812: Who Won the War? It is a ground-breaking digital textbook specifically designed for use in grade 6-12 classrooms.  Until September 30, 2014, this eBook can be downloaded onto your iPad—and onto all of your students’ iPads—entirely for FREE!

To download your copy, open iTunes on your iPad, tap on the “iTunes Store” icon on the left sidebar, and choose “Books” in the banner at the top under the Apple logo. In the search box at the top right (with the magnifying glass) enter 1812: Who Won the War? and an icon of the iBook will appear. At that point, simply tap on the word “Free” underneath the book jacket to begin the download.

The iBook works best when everyone in the classroom has a personal copy on their iPad.  1812: Who Won the War? includes a Teacher’s Guide (found at the end of the eBook) and all of the tools needed for students to participate in the simulation exercise to understand the causes of the war and the role-playing game in which they negotiate as teams to create a peace treaty.

1812: Who Won War? features pedagogically cutting-edge content, is historically accurate, visually appealing and offers a range of 3-D modelling opportunities to engage students.   The interactivity, the carefully incorporated skills development - especially critical thinking skills - and the scholarship are remarkable.

Many of the noted educators, both in Canada and the United States, who reviewed 1812: Who Won the War? stated that they had never encountered a teaching resource quite like it.  In their reviews, almost all stated that it is a "harbinger of things to come.”  That alone was enough to make it a successful textbook but what elevated it above and beyond other eBooks is that was produced in partnership with every major social studies teachers’ association in Canada and the U.S.

The response to this is exciting digital textbook has been excellent.  In March 2014, it was endorsed by the National Council for Social Studies (NCSS).  The endorsing committee was impressed with many of the unique attributes of this resource and especially the innovative use of content and technology.  NCSS is the largest association in the U.S. devoted to social studies education.  With members in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and 69 foreign countries, it reaches 25,000 educators with its flagship communications.

A few weeks ago, 1812: Who Won the War? was featured in the back-to- school issue of Apple’s magazine,  iTunes Education Spotlight, which is distributed to approximately 12 million teachers and parents.  The digital textbook has also been repeatedly imaged onto thousands of Apple’s demonstration iPads.  These are used in training sessions in schools, teacher’s conferences and professional development days for educators.

1812: Who Won the War? is the first in a series of social studies digital textbooks on Canadian-American relations being produced by Epoch Multimedia Inc.  The eBook is a precursor of the type of learning resource that will soon be in common use throughout schools in the U.S. and Canada. It is a lighthouse resource in that it is a leadership model and prototype of where educational textbooks of the future can go.

Since its publication, 1812: Who Won War? maintained the #1 digital textbook position on  iTunes “New and Noteworthy” book list for more than 11 months in Canada and it maintained a position in the top five “New and Noteworthy” books in the U.S. for more than seven months. This digital textbook is an outstanding example of a new generation of learning resources being developed for iPad use in Canadian and American classrooms.

Best regards,

Epoch Multimedia Inc.