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History of Education 43(4) (July 2014) now available

This new issue contains the following articles:

Exploring ethnohistory and Indigenous scholarship: what is the relevance to educational historians?
Heather E. McGregor
Pages: 431-449

Gutenberg’s effects on universities
Gavin Moodie
Pages: 450-467

Bring up the children: national and religious identity and identification in Dutch children’s historical novels 1848–c.1870
Sanne Parlevliet
Pages: 468-486

Nature study, Aborigines and the Australian kindergarten: lessons from Martha Simpson’s Australian Programme based on the Life and Customs of the Australian Black
Jennifer Jones
Pages: 487-503

Democracy exported, history expunged: John Dewey’s trip to Turkey and the challenge of building ‘civilised’ nations for democratic life
Jeremy Cole
Pages: 504-523

Crossing the binary line: the founding of the polytechnic in Colonial Hong Kong
Ting-Hong Wong
Pages: 524-541

Problems, survival and transformation: religious education in Scotland – a historical review, 1962–1992
Yonah Hisbon Matemba
Pages: 542-560

Book reviews
A life in education and architecture: Mary Beaumont Medd
Geraint Franklin
Pages: 561-563

Women scientists in America, vol. 3: forging a new world since 1972
Ruth Watts
Pages: 563-565

Ramism, pedagogy and the liberal arts: Ramism in Britain and the wider world
Elizabethanne Boran
Pages: 565-568

Histoire des universités, XIIe–XXIe siècle
Charlotte Faucher
Pages: 568-570

Justa Freire o la pasión de educar: Biografía de una maestra atrapada en la historia de España (1896–1965)
Antonio Fco. Canales Serrano
Pages: 570-572

Fundamentalism and education in the Scopes era: God, Darwin, and the roots of America’s culture wars
Andrew Nolan
Pages: 572-574