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Pacific Northwest Quarterly: Call for Papers

Pacific Northwest Quarterly welcomes submissions

Pacific Northwest Quarterly is a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal of northwest history—the region comprising Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and western Montana. Any topic pertaining to the history of some portion of this region or of the American West is appropriate, but the editor looks especially for something new in the way of scholarship or some new analysis of an old topic. Essays that are strictly anthropological, economic, architectural, or otherwise specialized will not be considered, nor will pieces that focus on current events, but interdisciplinary treatments are welcome, and comparative studies particularly so.

There is no minimum or maximum page length for submissions; 25-30 double-spaced pages of text are usual. For the submission guidelines and a sampling of past articles, please visit our website:

Once the essay has gone through the peer-review process and has been accepted, scheduling usually occurs within three to six months.

Manuscripts may be submitted electronically to or by mail to John Findlay, Pacific Northwest Quarterly, University of Washington, Box 353587, Seattle, WA 98195-3587.

Sara Early
Pacific Northwest Quarterly
University of Washington
Box 353587
Seattle, WA 98195
Visit the website at