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Paedagogica Historica 50(1-2): 2014 is now available

Special Issue: Internationalisation in Education: Issues, Challenges, Outcomes

Going international: the history of education stepping beyond borders
Joëlle Droux & Rita Hofstetter
Pages: 1-9

Within, between, above, and beyond: (Pre)positions for a history of the internationalisation of educational practices and knowledge
Marcelo Caruso
Pages: 10-26

The rivalry of the French and American educational missions during the Vietnam War
Thuy-Phuong Nguyen
Pages: 27-41

New School of Mustafa Sat? Bey in Istanbul (1915)
Filiz Me?eci Giorgetti
Pages: 42-58

Condescension and critical sympathy: Historians of education on progressive education in the United States and England
William G. Wraga
Pages: 59-75

Crossing borders in educational innovation: Framing foreign examples in discussing comprehensive education in the Netherlands, 1969–1979
Linda Greveling, Hilda T.A. Amsing & Jeroen J.H. Dekker
Pages: 76-92

La réception des travaux scouts de Pierre Bovet en France (1912–décennie 1930)
Nicolas Palluau
Pages: 93-108

Toiling together for social cohesion: International influences on the development of teacher education in the United States
Paul J. Ramsey
Pages: 109-122

Fred Clarke and the internationalisation of studies and research in education
Gary McCulloch
Pages: 123-137

“A miniature League of Nations”: inquiry into the social origins of the International School, 1924–1930
Leonora Dugonji?
Pages: 138-150

Transnational treaties on children’s righ ts: Norm building and circulation in the twentieth century
Zoe Moody
Pages: 151-164

L’éducation sexuelle, entre médecine, morale et pédagogie: débats transnationaux et réalisations locales (Suisse romande 1890–1930)
Anne-Françoise Praz
Pages: 165-181

Braille, amma and integration: the hybrid evolution of education for the blind in Taiwan, 1870s–1970s
Tasing Chiu
Pages: 182-194

De Genève à Belo Horizonte, une histoire croisée: circulation, réception et réinterprétation d’un modèle européen des classes spéciales au Brésil des années 1930
Regina Helena de Freitas Campos & Adriana Araújo Pereira Borges
Pages: 195-212

Westward bound? Dutch education and cultural transfer in the mid-twentieth century
Nelleke Bakker
Pages: 213-228

L’Association internationale des éducateurs de jeunes inadaptés (AIEJI) et l a fabrique de l’éducateur spécialisé par delà les frontières (1951–1963)
Samuel Boussion
Pages: 229-243