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2014 Squamish Culture & Heritage Logo & Information Meeting

Bianca Peters

The Squamish Historical Society has unveiled its new logo for the Squamish Culture & Heritage Festival taking place May 2 and 3, 2014 at Quest University Canada (see attached). The logo was designed locally by In Biz. The design incorporates familiar elements of the evolution of Squamish culture and heritage, including the eagle, salmon, railroad, truck loggers, the Squamish Chief, climbing and biking. The 2014 Squamish Culture & Heritage Festival is a Squamish Historical Society event produced with funding from Canadian Heritage: Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program.

The Squamish Historical Society will be hosting an information meeting and signing up volunteers for the 2014 Squamish Culture & Heritage Festival beginning at 7 pm Thursday, February 13 at the Living Room restaurant at the Executive Suites Hotel. 40900 Tantalus Road. For more information or to get involved, please visit or email

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Bianca Peters


Squamish Historical Society


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